Tue Cute Tuesday – A Little Dog and a Big Boat

Honey’s breeder strongly urged us to expose Honey to as many different people, places, and things as possible while she was still a puppy. That’s how I knew we had found the right breeder. Puppies need to be socialized to a wide variety of situations so they don’t fear them as they grow up. We […]

Puppy Socialization – You Can't Remember Everything!

I worked very hard to expose Honey to many different things in her early puppyhood. We wanted her to be socialized to accept just about anything in stride. And she seemed to be fearless. It was rare to see Honey startled by anything–sirens, thunder, fireworks, power tools. But on a recent camping trip, we discovered […]

Playmate of the Year (or Best Socialized Dog Ever)

A lovely couple I met through work invited Honey over for a puppy socialization session play date with their 1 year old golden doodle, Tashi. Having had two dog reactive dogs in the past, I was very concerned that Honey have plenty of opportunities to befriend other dogs. And when she showed a brief amount […]

Too Great Expectations

Honey is very nearly perfect. She’s smart and quick to learn. She loves everyone. She’s very brave. Curses! The problem is that I get so used to everything sailing along so easily that I sometimes forget to keep up the hard work of socialization. Yesterday, I learned this lesson twice. In the parking lot at […]

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