If We Love Puppies Because… Then Why…

Some A-musings on Puppy Love If we love puppies because they’re furry, why don’t more of us want to date men with hairy backs? If we love puppy breath so much, why do we freak out that some people eat dogs? If we love puppies because they have drooly jowls, why don’t our voices get […]

Google and the Sex Lives of Puppies

On my Word Press dashboard, I can see what search phrases people used to find Something Wagging This Way Comes. Today’s phrase? “People actually have sex with their dogs.” Creepy! Apparently it came from my review of the internet show, Puppy Love, created by one of the writers from Sex in the City. I need […]

Puppy Love on Hulu.com

I don’t have a television (insert gasp here!). TV-free is pretty common where I live but I find it’s shocking to people who live outside my little community. That doesn’t mean I don’t try to find an occasional entertainment fix, especially one that features puppies (and I don’t care how old they are; they’re all […]

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