Has Your Dog Ever Had a Justin Bieber Meltdown?

Adolescence Brings Out The Worst Although I hate celebrity gossip, I can’t avoid news about the latest Miley Cyprus scandal or Justin Bieber meltdown. It gets me thinking about the dumb things I did around the same age. Like the time I raced my friend eight miles to a bowling alley. He drove a Pontiac Firebird […]

The Daily Dog Blog – Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange

Type a line. Stop to detach the puppy from your pants leg. Post a photo. Pick up the whining puppy for a quick potty break. Answer an email. Look for the puppy who is suspiciously quiet. That’s what daily life looks like for Julie. And yet she occasionally finds a moment to share her love […]

I Hate Puppies!

Who can resist a puppy? They’re cute. You can pick them up. Their feet smell like corn chips. You’d have to be crazy to hate puppies. Okay, I don’t really hate puppies. I’m not insane. Even Hitler smiled at puppies (honest, click the link for the film). But I don’t get the whole puppy thing. Just […]

I Curse You, Dr. Ian Dunbar!

When Honey came to live with us as an eight week old puppy, we limited our puppy reading. We didn’t want to get overloaded. Our book of choice? Before and After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog by Ian Dunbar. Giving Your Puppy a Good Start Dunbar’s […]

School's In for Puppies

Tonight, Honey starts puppy classes. And we’re driving 20 miles to get to them. Yup, this will get me called a crazy dog person fer shur. Local classes either require your puppy to be at least six months old or use compulsion training methods I prefer to avoid. So we’re hitting the road. I know […]

What's in a Name?

When we’re out and about, people ask me my puppy’s name. I reply, “Honey,” and they nearly always reply with a smile and say “Oh, of course.” Everyone seems to think it fits. Before we knew which puppy from the litter would be ours, we brainstormed names: “Sugar”, “Lyric”, “Muffin”, along with 20 others. I […]

Love the Pup You're With – part 2

Every moment I had with Agatha, Christie, and Shadow was a blessing (even if I didn’t realize it when they were chewing my couch, eating my cookbooks, howling when I left the house, or lunging at every dog within 100 feet). So much so, that I wanted to spend more time with dogs and spend […]

Puppies Taste the World

Honey’s Never Walked Away From Anything Chewable To bring a little art to this blog, here’s some haikus of things Honey has tried to chew: Toilet bolt cover Soda bottle and its lid Pajama bottoms Sneaker shoelaces Tassled loafers stuffed with socks Metal seatbelt latch Sticks and stones and bones Wadded up pieces of sod […]

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