March for the Animals & Announcing a Winner

I have a lot to be thankful for. Each of my generous donors who supported the Tompkins County SPCA March for the Animals. The encouragement I received from my readers who donate and volunteer for a variety of animal welfare causes. My husband Mike and friend Diana who joined in the walk on a cold […]

BlogPaws 2011 – Lessons Learned, Day 1

I arrived at BlogPaws feeling disheartened. I had gotten off track in my first time home buyer blog and felt I was neglecting Something Wagging This Way Comes. I wasn’t even sure why I had come. Luckily, I arrived at the conference accompanied by my husband, Mike, and Honey who both believed in me more than I […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Pure Pup Fan-tastic

Somehow I’ve become the high priestess of the Pup Fan cult. I don’t see other bloggers who attended BlogPaws being scolded for not revealing the identity of the funny and mysterious Pup Fan. So I reluctantly take on my responsibilities. With no more delay, no hiding behind Pup Fantasmagoric projections (see, that near perfect verbal […]

Why I’m Going to BlogPaws

BlogPaws has me making some uncharacteristic choices. I’m: taking time off from work (and after I just spent a week off sailing); spending money; challenging Honey’s “four on the floor” training with hundreds of crazy dog people who I just know will have her jumping at the end of the leash in minutes, if not […]


I’ve been humbled by some kind thoughts and recognition lately. First, the thoughtful Deborah Flick of Boulder Dog has nominated me for a Petties Award. Thank you. I appreciate her kindness but know that so many hardworking bloggers deserve the attention so much more. I’ve already nominated Edie Jarolim’s Will My Dog Hate Me and […]

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