What Does Your Dog Do All Day? – Wordless Wednesday

When I get home from work I ask my dog Honey, “What did you do all day? Did you have adventures?”

Big Dogs Of Literature

What could be better than curling up with a good book on a cold, rainy morning? How about curling up with a good book about dogs on a cold, rainy morning? Here are a few of my favorites. Literature Goes To The Dogs How many of these would you like to read? Pom Sawyer by […]

12 Classic Movies That Aren’t About Dogs (But Should Be)

I love classic movies. But wouldn’t they be even better if they were about dogs? Dog Movies I’d Like to See From Here to Peternity – Drama about Army life on Hawaii before Pearl Harbor. Known for its sexy love scene on the dog beach between Burt Danecaster and Deborah Cur. Gone With the Pug […]

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