Back To School – Positive Pet Training Hop

Honey went to puppy preschool followed by puppy kindergarten. Then we homeschooled her for several years. But something showed us we needed extra help. Time to go back to school for Honey.

How Tolstoy Taught My Dog Not To Jump – Quick Tips

Is there anything more annoying than having a dog jumping on you when you’re trying to do something? Okay, maybe you don’t understand if your dog weighs less than 20 pounds. But if you live with a big dog, you know what I mean. Big jumping dogs knock you off-balance. Slobber on your face. And […]

Teaching an Alpha Dog New Tricks – part 2. Positive Dog Training Resources.

In a previous post, I promised some resources for people interested in moving beyond dominance based training. What follows is just a small sampling but I think you’ll find plenty to whet your appetite. Dogstar Daily may be the most comprehensive website for positive dog training. Founded by Dr. Ian Dunbar and his wife, Kelly, […]

Teaching Alpha Dogs New Tricks–part 1

I’m amazed to find how pervasive talk of being the alpha in your family and teaching your dog who’s the boss has become. My husband says that’s because I’m a freak and I just don’t understand how weird I am compared to the rest of the culture. Fair enough! But my reading tells me that […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who’s the Best Trained Dog of All – Mirror Method of Dog Training

I loved the video in my Tue Cute Tuesday post so much I had to learn more about the Hungarian Mirror Method of Dog Training. Since I don’t speak Hungarian this provided a challenge. But the dog training club promoting this method has done this nifty video with English subtitles. It’s a great reminder of […]

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