Improve Your Dog’s Recall With Play

Sure, I can make Honey sit, stay, and come to me all day long. But the best way to improve her recall is through play.

Nothing Like A Good Stick – Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes there’s no toy better than a good stick.   What is your dog’s favorite “found” toy?

My Dog Thinks I’m A Poor Substitute

Poor Honey. Nothing is worse than when she’s stuck with me as her playmate. My dog thinks I’m a poor substitute for my husband.

Honey Shows Her Wild Side – Wordless Wednesday

Honey is a gentle girl. But sometimes her wild side comes out and she thinks she’s a beast tearing the guts out of her prey. See?    

Play to Your Strengths – Good for the Dog; Good for You

Some of the foster dogs we care for don’t like Honey. Or any dog, really. They tell her they don’t want to play. And she leaves them alone. But if you want to see Honey at her best, watch her when a playful dog comes to stay with us. Like Bandit, our current foster puppy. […]

Go. Play. Now. – Good for the Dog; Good for You

When the foster dog arrived, I put all the dog toys away. Luckily, Honey knows how to make her own. Dog Comes Home; Toys Go Away Before we bring a new foster dog home, I round up all the dog toys and put them away. Why? We don’t know if the new dog will be […]

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