Does It Take a Tender Person To Make a Tough Dog?

The director of a documentary called Body Pound started following me on Twitter recently. And no, I don’t follow everyone who follows me. So I had to check it out. What the heck is Body Pound? It’s this:   And it’s also this: My first thought? This is weird. Pitbulls pulling enormous weights along a […]

Some Dogs I Don’t Like That Much…

I have an ideal dog in my mind–a dog that I measure every other dog against. I just love German Shepherds and any dog with that in the mix. They have a longish, thick coat. They’re hearty, strong, and athletic. They’re intelligent and loyal. Yep, the ideal dog. I don’t really like poodles much–frou frou […]

Do You Have a Dangerous Dog Breed? Ask Your Insurance Company.

In my day job I counsel and teach first time home buyers. Every class, I need to remind students that some insurance companies will not provide coverage to people who have “dangerous dogs.” What is a dangerous dog? Is it a dog who has already bitten someone? No. Is it a dog with bad manners […]

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