When A Less Adoptable Dog is More Adoptable

The Less Adoptable Dog If Chérie, our foster pup, had found herself in a shelter making tough decisions about how to use their resources, she would not have made it out alive. She had a few strikes against her. Chérie was in heat, necessitating a more challenging spaying surgery feared everyone and everything and was nearly […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Petfinder is a Great Source of Adoptable Cuteness

For fifteen years, Petfinder has been making matches between pets who need homes and people who need pets. To celebrate, they’ve asked people everywhere to spread the word about pet adoption today. At the Petfinder site, you can find the Adopt the Internet All-Stars, pets determined to be most adoptable by their shelters and rescue. […]

How Did You Decide to Get Your First Dog?

As you hop around blog land, you’ll find lots of pet bloggers supporting Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day on March 15, 2011. Petfinder has been a great resource for getting the word out about adoptable pets. And they’ve helped innumerable rescues and shelters who could not afford to make a big investment in their own […]

Outdoor Fun with Your Senior Dog

Puppies and adolescent dogs don’t usually stay long in shelters. Puppies, of course, are adorable. And adolescent dogs promote ideas of long hikes, games of fetch in the park, and other doggy athletic activities. So why should someone adopt an older dog? What fun can you have with a dog that’s all worn out? Older […]

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

When my dog Agatha passed at 16 years old in October 2007, I couldn’t face adopting a new dog. Finally, in January 2008, I couldn’t go one more day without a dog in my life. I visited the local SPCA during my lunch hour with my husband’s words echoing in my ears: “I’d like to […]

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week (And Thank the People Who Help Un-Adoptable Pets Find Homes)

Today is the last day of Petfinder’s Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week. This is their campaign to bring attention to the many pets who may wait a long time for their forever homes–because of special medical needs, old age, and even their color or breed. Many wonderful pet bloggers have posted this week on […]

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