The Dogs of Autumn

Throw some clothes in a bag. Pack twice as much for the dog. It’s time for a road trip. Looking at Leaves Along the Highway The U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis gave us an excuse to take a long drive at the peak of leaf peeping season in our area. Like most things, the fall color […]

Norton the Traveling Cat Trilogy – Pet Travel Book Club

This post is dedicated to the traveling cats of BlogPaws. A Cat on a Leash As I wound my way through the crowded mass of people and dogs, I saw something that surprised me. Sitting on the carpet, quiet in the midst of chaos, was a grey cat on a leash. He looked peaceful, serene, […]

What’s Wagging Next – July 5, 2012 Edition

Lots of Wagging going on around here (Golden Retriever tails make an effective, if primitive fan). So let’s see what’s coming up next. Something Swagging This Way Comes Update Ten friends of Something Wagging have sent me adorable pictures of themselves as young’ns along with cute puppy pictures. It’s your job to use the links […]

What’s Wagging Next?

It Could Be Worse; It Could Be Raining My house is in chaos. While we’re on vacation next week, we’re having the wood floors refinished in 5 rooms which means that everything we own is going into two carpeted rooms, the kitchen, and the attic. And I recently found out that my presenting partner was […]

The Story of My Life in 1000 Words or Less

If you haven’t heard, I’m the new Pet Travel contributor over at A Traveler’s Library. And today, the grand poobah blogger extraordinaire who runs the joint, Vera Marie Badertscher, has dug into my back story. You’ll find her interview with me here. What will you learn in the interview that I haven’t already shared in […]

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Each month I will contribute a review of a book or film on the subject of Pet Travel to A Traveler’s Library. You can find my latest review at Parrots? In San Francisco? Here’s a riddle. How is building a relationship with an animal like taking a trip? Give up? You’ll feel like a stranger, […]

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