Go Big or Go Home – Jamaican Street Dogs Show the Way

You could adopt one dog, give it a home after an early life on the streets. Or you could adopt twenty and form a dog sled team. At least that’s what Danny Melville did. Oh, and did I mention he did it in Jamaica? Crazy Ideas Danny Melville ran an adventure travel business providing entertainment […]

Bonding With Your Dog on the Appalachian Trail: Pet Travel Thursday

What’s the best way to bond with your newly adopted dog? How about a nice long hike? Getting to Know Your New Dog Kevin Runolfson wanted a dog to walk. He adopted Rufus, a year-old, chocolate lab/Shar Pei mix at the Humane Society. Four months later they began hiking the Appalachian Trail together from Georgia […]

Pet Travel Book Club: Four Camels, a Woman, and a Dog Walk Into a Desert…

A Voyage of Discovery When she was 27 years old, Robyn Davidson set out from Alice Springs in Australia to walk 1700 miles to the Indian Ocean. She had something to resolve deep within herself. And she was willing to risk her life to do it. But Davidson didn’t go alone. She took her loving […]

Norton the Traveling Cat Trilogy – Pet Travel Book Club

This post is dedicated to the traveling cats of BlogPaws. A Cat on a Leash As I wound my way through the crowded mass of people and dogs, I saw something that surprised me. Sitting on the carpet, quiet in the midst of chaos, was a grey cat on a leash. He looked peaceful, serene, […]

Three Among the Wolves – Pet Travel Book Club

Do you have anything in common with a couple who treks miles into the Canadian wilderness and across the frozen Arctic sea to observe wild wolf packs? You might be surprised. They Are Not Like Us In the wonderful Three Among the Wolves: A Couple and Their Dog Live a Year With Wolves in the […]

What Would You Do If Your Dog Was Lost Overboard?

Each month I will contribute a review of a book or film on the subject of Pet Travel to A Traveler’s Library. You can find my latest review there,  Survival At Sea.   Creative Non-Fiction? How do you write a nearly 300 page book about a dog’s adventures that no one was around to witness? Well, […]

Pet Travel Book Club – Coming Attractions & Loose Ends

Coming Attractions – Pet Travel Book Club For most of us, traveling to a beautiful place with a pet is a dream. But for one family, a boating trip with their dog Sophie became a nightmare. Join me at A Traveler’s Library next month (probably May 17; date to be confirmed) for my review of […]

The Story of My Life in 1000 Words or Less

If you haven’t heard, I’m the new Pet Travel contributor over at A Traveler’s Library. And today, the grand poobah blogger extraordinaire who runs the joint, Vera Marie Badertscher, has dug into my back story. You’ll find her interview with me here. What will you learn in the interview that I haven’t already shared in […]

Pet Travel Book Club (In which my first entry has no pets, no travel, and no book)

Edie Jarolim is one scary lady. She’s brainy. She has a wicked sense of humor. She’s thoughtful. And she’s a great writer. Why is that so scary? Because she has handed the reins for the Pet Travel Book Club over to me. The Pet Travel Book Club Reviews a Movie Following in Edie’s footsteps, Stepping […]

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