Don’t Be A Jerk When Someone’s Pet Dies

Tragedy brings out the best in many people. But there’s always one or two people who just know how to be jerks. Especially when someone’s pet dies.

The One Way All Dog Lovers Are The Same

Some folks like little smushy faced dogs. Others like tall elegant dogs with needle noses. There are dog lovers who take their pups everywhere. And dog lovers who just stay home. And let’s not even think about the different ways people feed their dogs. But there’s one way every dog lover is the same. And […]

How to Create Joy After the Loss of Your Pet

Grieving rituals are the first step in turning wrenching loss into acceptance, and ultimately, joyful memories. Meaningful rituals range from the sublime to the ridiculous. And are as varied as the relationships we have with the animals we’re blessed to share our lives with. The Memorial Garden Our friends at 24 Paws of Love shared […]

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