Is Your Town’s Dog Culture Hurting Your Dog?

Since we’ve lived on the boat, we’ve only traveled as far as one long car trip. But I’ve already seen big differences in the way people treat dogs from one place to the next. What is your town’s dog culture? And is it hurting your dog?

Outdoor Dining With The Dog – Wordless Wednesday

Outdoor dining then. Outdoor dining now. Which is better? Your Turn: Would you dine outdoors with your dog in the winter?  

Eating Out With Your Reactive Dog (without losing your mind)

Okay, so my dog Honey is Little Miss Perfect. I can take her to parades, malls, and even social media conferences without fear of being embarrassed or threatened with doggy jail. Most of all, I can take her out to eat on a pet-friendly patio. But I haven’t always had confident and well socialized dogs. […]

7 Cues To Teach Your Dog BEFORE Eating at a Pet-Friendly Restaurant

I can hear some of you now. “If I took my dog to a pet-friendly restaurant, the video of him misbehaving would go viral in ten minutes.” Have some faith. It might be easier than you think. Especially if you teach your dog some basic cues before you try it for the first time. Here […]

Why Dog Lovers Piss Me Off

I love people who love dogs. Except when I don’t. There’s one kind of dog lover who pisses me off every time. That’s the dog lover who loves dogs so much that they totally disrespect humans. And as a result, make things even harder for me and other dog lovers. What do I mean? Check […]

What’s the Big Deal with Dog Poop?

The blood of grown men runs cold at its sight. Women faint. Children scream. What cursed thing is this? It’s the dreaded dookie! Ithacans Against Dog Poop My town has gotten complaints for not being dog-friendly. After all, who would ban dogs from an outdoor pedestrian mall or a park on the lakeshore? Ithaca, that’s […]

Why You Should Take Your Dog to the Mall

 Honey Wants to Be an Underwear Model On Saturday, Honey will walk by Victoria’s Secret in the mall. And I know just what she’ll be thinking: “I’d be a cuter model in the store window than that stupid stuffed thing.” And she’d be right. But we don’t take Honey to the Pet Expo at our […]

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