Honey Goes Shopping–For Confidence

Honey Visits the Sniffing Shopping Mall You’ll be disappointed to know that when we took Honey to the Pet Expo at the Shops at Ithaca Mall two weeks ago, Victoria’s Secret did not want her to pose in their window display. Or maybe you’ll be pleased because you don’t like buying bras with dog hair […]

Why You Should Take Your Dog to the Mall

 Honey Wants to Be an Underwear Model On Saturday, Honey will walk by Victoria’s Secret in the mall. And I know just what she’ll be thinking: “I’d be a cuter model in the store window than that stupid stuffed thing.” And she’d be right. But we don’t take Honey to the Pet Expo at our […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Honey Returns to the Mall

Apparently allowing dogs into the mall is good for business. Spread the word. Socializing Honey at the Mall When Honey was ten weeks old, we attended the Pet Expo at the Shops at Ithaca Mall. A clean, safe area for socialization was just what she needed. Since then, we attended the Pet Expo in April […]

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