My Dog Is A… On Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday I argued that my dog is not a wolf. But there are plenty of other animals she does resemble.

The Best Gift You’ll Ever Give…Or Get – Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange 2014

Of course it’s nice to get a thoughtful present. Or to come home to find your house transformed into a holiday wonderland, like the people belonging to the dogs in the video below. But I think the best gift ever is when someone says nice things about you. And that’s the idea behind the Third […]

Smiles Of Peace

This picture always makes me smile. Come to think of it, I’m feeling pretty peaceful too. Maybe you should share it. We might start a movement. Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange Countdown Have you heard about the Third Annual Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange? If not, you can read more here. Instead of sending cards or gifts, […]

It’s That Time Again

I’m late. No, not that kind of late. We won’t be hearing the pitter patter of a little dog blogger typing around the house. Nope, I’m late getting ready for the Third Annual Pet Blogger Gift Exchange. (Read about how the first Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange began). But better late than never, eh?

New Year’s Eve and the Gifts are Still Pouring In

I know I was supposed to get all the thankfulness out of my system back in November. But as we come to the end of another calendar year, I’m overflowing with gratitude. I feel so privileged to hang out with such an amazing group of animal lovers. You truly are S’Waggers. And you’ve won my […]

Too Dog-Tired to Blog

By the time a foster dog comes to my house, she’s been shuffled around a few times. It’s no wonder she has trouble falling asleep at night. Unfortunately, if the foster dog ain’t sleeping, nobody’s sleeping. Perfect Dog Except for One Little Thing Most foster dogs cry the first night or two. We put their […]

How Do You Choose the Best Gift? Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange – 2013

How do you pick the best gifts? By thinking about what would make the person getting the gift the most happy. And usually, it’s not expensive toys that make the best presents. But the thoughtful gift that tells someone that the gift giver really understands them.     Last year, dozens of pet bloggers came […]

From One Holiday to the Next – Follow Up Friday

We’re going off-leash for Follow Up Friday. Thank you, Jodi of Heart Like a Dog, for giving us the chance to get caught up on a busy week.     Killing Little Miss Perfect I’m trying to learn from Honey how to kill Little Miss Perfect. You know. That little voice inside your head that […]

What Makes Your Dog Happy?

Gift giving holidays have me asking myself one thing. No, not where can I buy the most Chinese-made crap for the most people for the least amount of money. It’s “what makes someone happy?” I spend a lot of time pondering that question before I decide what to buy or make someone for a gift. […]

Giving the Best Gift of All – Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange

It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. You know what I’m talking about—the winter holidays.     I love candles, Christmas trees, latkes, giving gifts, cookies, watching Miracle on 34th Street, and knowing that the days will start getting longer soon. I hate the shopping mall, people complaining because they […]

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