Mmmmm, Misaki!

The Misadventures of Misaki mention the musings of a mischievous Malamute—an M-bitious task. But a fun one. Meet Misaki Misaki is a beautiful Alaskan Malamute who lives in the United Kingdom. She loves snacks, belly rubs, and mud. But her job is to keep her people in good physical condition. I think, however, her people’s […]

Celebrating Heartprint Pets

What is the best pet blog tagline ever? It’s the description of Heartprint Pets: “Celebrating the Creatures That Leave Their Imprints on Our Hearts.” Isn’t that great? I know my heart is covered in paw prints. What is Heartprint Pets? Blogger Lisa created Heartprint Pets as a celebration of her lifelong love of animals. But […]

Best Gift of All – Carol Bryant at Fidose of Reality

What can you say about someone you don’t know well and have only recently met? A lot. If you listen and pay attention. 5 Things I know about Carol Bryant When I sat down and started thinking, I realized I knew quite a bit about Carol, both from visiting her website, Fidose of Reality, and […]

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