The Curse Of A Perfect Dog

I read dog stories every day. I love seeing pictures of Sage seeking out mud with the efficiency of a heat-seeking missile. And reading about Delilah stealing popcorn while no one is looking. But I’m also jealous. It isn’t easy when your dog is Little Miss Perfect. She never digs in the garbage, surfs the counters for […]

The Curse of the Perfect Dog

I know of three Golden Retrievers who live much of their lives in backyards within one block of my house. Why? They’re victims of the Perfect Dog Curse. It’s About the Dog, Not the Breed We all know that some breeds (notably pit bulls and pit mixes) pay a terrible price because people expect bad […]

The Perfect Dog…

The perfect dog always lets you sleep in when you want to. The imperfect dog loudly informs you he needs to smell something in the back yard at 2 a.m. The perfect dog is only interested in her own food. The imperfect dog perfects traits of super strength and gymnastic ability to find a stray cookie crumb on […]

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