Honey Declares Her Independence

In Ithaca, July 4, 2014. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen moods of Honey, When in the Course of canine events, it becomes necessary for one dog to dissolve the leash bonds which have connected her with her person, and to assume among the powers of the neighborhood, the separate and equal station to which […]

Big Dogs of the Literary World

How well do you know the Big Dogs of the Literary World? Dust off your English degree, take out those Cliff’s Notes, and Take Our Quiz! (Click and the quiz opens in a new window.) Well, how did you do? And do you think dogs add anything to literature?

Mutt Romney vs. Bark Obama

Nothing makes me feel better about not having a television than the presidential elections. Attack ads for both sides insult the intelligence of informed, thinking people of any political persuasion. The arguments are so ridiculous, they could almost have been written by dogs. Now that would be crazy. Or would it? The crazy thing? It’s […]

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