But It Doesn’t Have Honey – Wordless Wednesday

Panama has wonderful things to offer. Crocodiles (look closely to see a baby sunning on her mama’s back).     Tropical islands surrounded by clean water and beautiful skies.     Sailing dogs.     And even fine art.     But it doesn’t have one thing that would make it perfect.     Your […]

There’s No Place Like Home – Good for the Dog; Good for You

When a new foster dog comes to my house, he takes a few days (or more) to settle in. It’s no surprise. By the time a dog comes to me, he’s left the home he knows, been processed at a shelter, and delivered to my door. That’s a lot of change for anyone, much less […]

Where’s Something Wagging This Way Comes

For now, the Something Wagging team is split up. As you read this, Mike and I are in Panama. Honey is waiting for us at home. I’ve got the same questions from different people. So I thought I’d answer them in one place for  everyone who worries that Honey is feeling neglected.     What’s […]

Back to School – Wordless Wednesday

  Talk Amongst Yourselves This morning I’m jetting off to Panama to spend a month sailing around the Kuna Yala islands with our new friends on the sailboat Gilana. [Note to burglars who read dog blogs looking for vacationers leaving empty houses – Our house is not vacant. Our pet sitter has a black belt in […]

Swim with Sharks – Good for the Dog; Good for You

I like sharks. Probably because I’ve carefully avoided seeing Jaws, Sharknado, and anything on the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. But is it smart to swim with them?     A Shark at the Dog Park When we take Honey to the dog park, I’m a very hands-on person. We don’t enter if we see dogs […]

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – Good for the Dog; Good for You

I’m lucky. I enjoy my work and it pays me enough to support myself. I’ve been happily married to a loving (if exasperating) man for 24 years today. (Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!) I have a cute (but not terribly clean) house. My life is comfortable. I wonder what I would be like in a really stressful […]

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