Mrs. Smith, Meet Dr. Puppy – Can Dogs Smell Cancer?

If you’ve been reading Something Wagging This Way Comes for a while, you’ve seen I’m pretty interested in the good old doggy nose. Or in more precise terms, the Snifferus Amazingus (I always knew my high school Latin would come in handy one day). A recent research study in Japan trained a Labrador Retriever to […]

Saying Goodbye to the Dog You Love – It's Always Worth the Pain

Over at the NPR website, you’ll find a different documentary posted each day this week. These are finalists in the Vimeo video contest. Today’s video, Last Minutes with Oden, is the very touching depiction of Jason saying goodbye to his dog Oden. Here are the alerts: Jason uses some coarse language in the video. And […]

Strong Reaction at NPR to Michael Vick Dog Story

I’m slow to react to the news. I don’t like to get caught up in the misinformation, rumors, and hysteria that often accompany breaking stories. So I’ve quietly watched the stories about Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring unfold over the past several years. Don’t get me wrong. I think the behavior of Michael Vick and […]

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