Is This Hamster Happier Than Your Dog?

What Makes One Person Crazy and Another Person Normal I spend a lot of time thinking about crazy people. I spend a lot of time being crazy people. Which is my tacky way of saying that questions of mental health and illness fill my thoughts. For instance, why is it considered crazy to think aliens […]

Adventure Dog – Biscuit the Rock Climbing Dog

Seeing this morning’s post at No Dog About It sent me looking for this video. (Check it out next; you’ll love it.) I first met Biscuit when her film appeared at the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. I loved this spunky little girl. After all, what’s life for but to have adventures with your […]

New Trick to Teach Your Dog – Pub Herding

Earlier this week, Mel of No Dog About It shared this video on Facebook that she saw at Life With Dogs. I loved it. But I thought the timing was off. This is a video that definitely needs to be seen the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day. Oh, and Kristine, if you’re still looking for […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Kristine, over at Rescued Insanity, kindly passed on an award. And not just any award. It’s “the most awesome award ever made.” At least that’s what I read somewhere. Check it out  yourself. See, I told you. So thank you, Kristine. You are a never ending source of embarrassing riches. Or should that be an […]

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