Can You Help Animals By Helping People? #BTC4A

If you could improve the lives of animals in five minutes, would you do it? How about the life of a person? Today’s your lucky day. Because you can do both.

Train Your Dog Month Challenge 2014 – What I Learned

What a triumph! For Train Your Dog Month, I taught Honey to climb a steep companionway ladder, to jump from a moving boat onto a dock with a line in her mouth, and to tie a perfect cleat hitch. No, not really. Because the month that was supposed to be dedicated to training my dog […]

Embrace Mixed Emotions – Good for the Dog; Good for You

One thing I love about dogs is their pure and simple emotion. But that doesn’t mean they never have mixed feelings. And as we say good-bye to our latest foster friends, I see it more than ever.     My Dog Has Mixed Emotions Honey loves to play with other dogs. So every time we […]

Photo Bomb Dog – Wordless Wednesday

Do you think I call my current foster dog Mr. Handsome because of his movie star good looks? His golden eyes? His shiny coat? Nuh unh. He’s Mr. Handsome because he can’t resist getting up close and personal every time I try to take a picture. Of anything. This dog loves the camera. Let me […]

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