Just Let It Go (Reprise) – A Post-Foster Fantasy

I didn’t know, really, what had been so different about this one. Certainly, we had had other foster puppies. Their time with us would come to an end, and they would move on. And after missing them for a day or so, we would, too. But this one. . .

The Way They Go

Once every hundred mornings or so, Pam will sleep in a bit, and will thereafter sit down to her blog a little later than usual. The dog(s), however, who get up each day at the same time, eat each day at the same time, and get walked each day at the same time, will, on […]

My Husband Would Never Get a Dog

As he often reminds me, my husband would never have a dog if he wasn’t married to me. And yet he’s more than a casual onlooker in our little Casa de Perra. He’s a full-fledged inmate if I ever saw one.     Whether I’m bringing foster dogs home or teaching Honey to ride in a […]

Wordless Wednesday – A Boy and His Dog

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