Meet the Lovabull – Pit Bull Awareness Day 2011

I loved my Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood. But it scared some folks. They saw the boarded up buildings and kids hanging out on the steps smoking blunts and decided quickly it wasn’t their kind of neighborhood. Looking at a neighborhood St. Bernard Street (don’t you love that name?) didn’t make a good first impression on everyone. […]

7 Links Challenge on Something Wagging This Way Comes

Amy Burkert of has challenged me to name my best posts by passing on the 7 Links Challenge started by Tripbase Blog. I’m honored to be chosen by such a terrific blogger. Amy has an interesting life, a useful business, and writes better than any former accountant I’ve ever met. So thank you, Amy. Never […]

Something Wagging – The Vacation Edition #3

While we’re on vacation, I’ll be sending you to check out some of my favorite dog blogs.   If you’re interested in animal welfare, you’ll hear lots of sad stories. If you’re disheartened by reading about breed discrimination, puppy mills, and high-kill shelters, I have a feel-good blog for you to check out. Aleksandra started […]

Some Dogs I Don’t Like That Much…

I have an ideal dog in my mind–a dog that I measure every other dog against. I just love German Shepherds and any dog with that in the mix. They have a longish, thick coat. They’re hearty, strong, and athletic. They’re intelligent and loyal. Yep, the ideal dog. I don’t really like poodles much–frou frou […]

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