Boat Training For Humans And Dogs

I know you’re hoping for cute pictures of Honey on exotic beaches or barking at pelicans. But life aboard a boat takes lots of training. For us. And for the dog.

I’d Rather Poop Like A Dog

Warning: Today’s post is disgusting, hopefully funny, and definitely filled with too much information. Please be advised that its content may be too much for people with delicate sensibilities. If that is you, please leave now and come back later in the week for cute dog pictures and happy stories. For the rest of you […]

What Will You Miss The Most?

We’ve started the countdown to moving aboard a sailboat. We don’t know how long the countdown is because we have to sell our house first to get the money to buy the boat we can’t look for until we have the money. But it’s coming. And it’s got me thinking: What will we miss the […]


When I’m not thinking about puppies, I’m daydreaming about living on a boat (of course this is mere seconds a day; why think of anything besides puppies?). While visiting “Waterborne – A Live-Aboard Blog”, I found out about NaBloPoMo’10. It’s a challenge to publish a blog post every day of the month. I’ve never done […]

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