Win Your Very Own Kurgo Car Seat Cover! Giveaway

We’ve found threatening notes in the car. Luckily, we have Kurgo to protect us. And here’s your chance to get some protection too.

7 Silly Reasons Your Dog Needs a Coat – A #Kurgo Giveaway

Usually my dog goes naked. But I can see a few silly reasons Honey might wear a coat. And one serious one.

For The Wash-And-Wear Dog: #Kurgo Muck Collar Giveaway

Although some people spend hours blow drying their golden retriever’s coat to get those silky locks you see at dog shows and on insurance commercials, Honey is a wash-and-wear dog. Luckily we’ve found a new collar that is also wash-and-wear—The Kurgo Muck Collar. And you can win one here.

When Does Your Dog Need A Harness?

While getting Honey ready for her vet follow-up visit, I hesitated. Should I put her in her harness? Or should I simply attach her leash to her collar? In other words, when does a dog need a harness? And when is just a collar fine?

10 Reasons Every Dog Needs A Life Jacket

With leashes spilling out of your closet and tennis balls stuffed in your jacket pockets, you may think you have all the gear your dog could possibly need. But if your dog doesn’t live in the desert (and even people in the desert own swimming pools), you should get your dog a life jacket.

Does Dog Hair Always Win?

In the battle against dog hair, does the dog hair always win? In my house, it certainly feels like it. So we’ve taken the battle to the streets. We’ve pitted hairy Honey the golden retriever against Kurgo’s Wander Hammock to see who’s more powerful—Honey or the Hammock. In other words, if we cover the seat […]

A Month’s Worth of Dog Poo

I take them as cries for help. Those search terms that bring people to Something Wagging. Here’s one that gave me pause: “How to dispose of month’s worth of large dog feces.” Wow. A month?! I wrote a comprehensive post on the pros and cons of several methods of disposing of poop after the scoop. […]

I’m Betting AGAINST My Dog!

My dog Honey has super powers—of friendliness, good manners, and shedding. Oh, the shedding. No matter where I am. No matter what I do. I’m accompanied by little golden hairs. I drop them in my food. I staple them into my papers. I wrap them into gifts. I’m looking for the kryptonite that will defeat her […]

Get Ready for the Fight of the Century

Are you prepared for a powerhouse of puppy pugilism? Pulchritude and precision will pair with with punching paws of power in the prize-fight of the century. Honey will battle her opponent next weekend. And we’ll share the results on Tuesday, April 25 when you will have a chance to win the prize. Want to know more about […]

I Hate Valentine’s Day

I love holidays. I love celebrations. I especially love holidays that encourage me to celebrate people I love. But I hate Valentine’s Day. When I mention it at all, I wish people Happy VD. Why am I so curmudgeonly about a holiday everyone else seems to love? 2 Reasons to Hate Valentine’s Day I have two […]

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