Breakfast in Bed? Wordless Wednesday


Best Dog Training Idea Ever!

Nothing beats feeding your dog from a food toy. Honey’s meal times take longer, tire her out, and keep her very excited. She loves emptying her Kong. It looks like she’s feeding from a huge, rubber breast. We should just call it Queen Kong.  

What Does Your Dog Call You?

Honey is not my baby. And I am not her “mommy.” Honestly. Recently someone noticed how Honey liked to carry a red Kong in her mouth. I replied, “Yes, her mother does too.” They stared at me blankly for several long seconds before I realized what was going on and said, “Y’know, her birth mom. […]

Latchkey Puppy – Honey's First Time Home Alone

It’s been a busy week and it’s only Wednesday. In a phone conversation in my hotel room Monday night, I discovered that my husband also had to travel out of town for work (although not overnight). Then he revealed his plans for Honey! He was going to take Honey with him to a day of […]

10 Ways to Be Sure You (and Your Dog) Survive Her Convalescence

Hopefully most of you will never have to nurse your dog through a major accident, illness, or surgery. But if it does happen, here are some ways to ensure you (and your dog) survive the experience. Learn to lift your dog so he feels safe and you don’t hurt yourself. You may have to carry […]

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