Kayak Mischief – Monday Mischief Blog Hop

I know. You don’t usually see us around the Monday Mischief Blog Hop. That’s because Honey is not a terribly mischievous dog. Or is she? Maybe she’s just especially good at hiding her impish ways. Let me tell you a story and you can decide. Honey Goes Kayaking First you need to know that Honey’s not […]

Find the Puppy – Wordless Wednesday

I look for puppies everywhere. But I was surprised to find this one.   Did you spot it? No, not Honey. Look again. Extra credit if you recognize his little Japanese friend. Your Turn: Where’s the most unexpected place you ever found a puppy?

Dog Kayaking – Wordless Wednesday

Honey is usually my kayaking partner. But this weekend, Mike wondered if he wasn’t missing out on the fun. Would Honey ride with Mike after only paddling with me? Let’s see. We start with a little bribe.     Looking good.     Looks like we’ll have to toss a coin to see who gets […]

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