What Happens To The Dog When The Internet Goes Down

Verizon is out to get me. They’ve must have gotten hold of my comments in favor of net neutrality on the FCC website and they’re putting the screws to me. How? By messing with my broadband. For over a week, I’ve had sketchy internet service. In the early mornings I’m fine. But once people on the […]

Why Cats Rule the Internet

Let’s face it. It’s no longer sex sounds that dominate the internet—it’s purring. Cats rule the internet.     This phenomenon has even serious magazines looking for a scientific reason for why cats are so popular online. I like Steve Dale’s explanation: “In the world of cats, there is no dog park. For cat owners, the […]

The Internet is One Big Dog Park

The more time I spend online, the more it reminds me of the dog park.     Tell me if you haven’t seen these types, both online and in your local dog park: The Lurker – She hangs out around the edges. You don’t even notice she’s there until you hear a little yip. And then […]

If Dogs Invented the Internet

My dog Honey looks so bored when I’m online. I bet things would be different if the internet were more canine-friendly. If Dogs Invented the Internet… the most popular search engine would not be Google, but Dog Pile e-mail would become p-mail porn would be a lot fuzzier Pinterest would include boards called “dead things” […]

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