Puppy Song Parody – How It’s Done

I love singing song parodies. I love song parodies involving puppies even more. Or should I say I love song pupodies? Pup Fan has shared some of her favorite songs here and here. And she’s inspired me to go looking for other people’s favorites. Rejected Puppy Song Parody Successful Puppy Song Parody

Tue Cute Tuesday – Pure Pup Fan-tastic

Somehow I’ve become the high priestess of the Pup Fan cult. I don’t see other bloggers who attended BlogPaws being scolded for not revealing the identity of the funny and mysterious Pup Fan. So I reluctantly take on my responsibilities. With no more delay, no hiding behind Pup Fantasmagoric projections (see, that near perfect verbal […]


I’ve been humbled by some kind thoughts and recognition lately. First, the thoughtful Deborah Flick of Boulder Dog has nominated me for a Petties Award. Thank you. I appreciate her kindness but know that so many hardworking bloggers deserve the attention so much more. I’ve already nominated Edie Jarolim’s Will My Dog Hate Me and […]

Something Wagging – The Vacation Edition #5

I was enchanted the first time I found a blog called “I Still Want More Puppies.” With a name like that, it could have been the worst blog in the world and I still would have loved it. Luckily, it’s lots of fun to visit, especially on Fridays when blogger, Pup Fan, outdoes herself. To […]

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