I’d Rather Poop Like A Dog

Warning: Today’s post is disgusting, hopefully funny, and definitely filled with too much information. Please be advised that its content may be too much for people with delicate sensibilities. If that is you, please leave now and come back later in the week for cute dog pictures and happy stories. For the rest of you […]

I Need Dog Insurance

I pay thousands of dollars each year for homeowner’s, medical, and (rental) car insurance. And I never make a claim. If I really wanted protection, I’d get dog insurance.

14 Reasons to Walk Your Dog Today

In the spring, I see dogs and their people everywhere I go. It’s like puppy rush hour on the D.C. Beltway. But now that it’s cold and grey? Not so much. There are dogs in my neighborhood I haven’t seen in months. Why is it that so many people don’t walk the dog in winter? […]

8 Things No One Tells You About Training a Puppy

You’ll find millions of articles about training puppies. But none of them tell you the secrets I’ll share with you here.   When You Get a Puppy, No One Tells You… You can train a puppy so she NEVER pees in the house. You just can’t do anything else. Errorless house training relies on liberal […]

Big Dogs of the Literary World

How well do you know the Big Dogs of the Literary World? Dust off your English degree, take out those Cliff’s Notes, and Take Our Quiz! (Click and the quiz opens in a new window.) Well, how did you do? And do you think dogs add anything to literature?

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