Do You Wonder If Your Dog Is Happy?

Is Honey sleeping because she just had breakfast and she’s tired? Is she just doing what dogs do? Or is she depressed because I didn’t take her for a long walk this morning? Does my dog look at other dogs and wonder if they have better toys? When I take Honey in the kayak, does […]

Aha! Moments – 3 Lessons That Made Me a Better Dog Walker

Have you ever had an Aha! moment on a walk? Where you suddenly understand something new about walking with your dog and things click into place? I’ve had three. And they’ve made my relationship with Honey even stronger. Have you had any of these Aha! moments on a dog walk? Your Dog Doesn’t Have To […]

Don’t Fool Your Dog

Yuck. It’s April Fool’s Day. I hate it. Visiting online news sites with a cynical eye. Waiting for the “gotcha” in every conversation. Seems like a good day to avoid human contact. I’m glad Honey’s trainer gave me a reason not to join the April Fool’s “fun.” He told me: “Don’t fool your dog.” It’s […]

Does Your Dog Love You As Much As You Love Your Dog?

You can’t imagine life without your dog. Just the thought of her makes you smile. You buy her gifts, celebrate her birthday, and can’t stop hugging and kissing her. But does your dog love you as much as you love her? I Like My Dog, Does My Dog Like Me? Researchers in Sweden did experiments […]

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