4 Gifts For Pets (And Friends)

I’m not expecting any gifts aboard Meander this season. Or maybe I should say the gifts will be new fuel injectors, a repaired propeller, and the fuel lines my husband replaced. But if I was giving Honey gifts, here’s what I’d do.

Giving the Best Gift of All – Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange

It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. You know what I’m talking about—the winter holidays.     I love candles, Christmas trees, latkes, giving gifts, cookies, watching Miracle on 34th Street, and knowing that the days will start getting longer soon. I hate the shopping mall, people complaining because they […]

The Dog’s Holiday Rules

If You’re Visiting for the Holidays, the Dog Wants You To Know… He did pick up his toys. The squirrel goes at the bottom of the steps. The ball goes under the couch. The lamb goes in front of the door. The price of admission to any holiday event is a game of tug, preferably […]

Do Dogs Care About Holidays?

Most people buy gifts for their dogs. You can find pilgrim costumes, Hanukkah sweaters, and reindeer antlers for dogs. Sure, it’s fun for us. But do dogs care? What Dogs Enjoy Most About the Holidays Dogs love holidays as much as we do, if not more. But not for the reasons we’d expect. The garbage […]

Simple Gifts – Holiday Traditions with Dogs

Yes, I know Christmas is manipulated by retailers looking to get into our wallets. And I realize it’s probably a solstice commemoration to which Jesus, Santa, Rudolph, Frosty and the Grinch have been added on. I know its cultural significance is so great in the U.S. that it has led to Hanukkah being seen as […]

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