What If You Can’t Stop Crying After Your Dog Dies?

This post has affiliate links. Learn more here or at the bottom of this page. Every morning I check which search phrases brought people to Something Wagging. Some are hilarious. But one that comes up a lot makes me feel helpless. It’s “my dog died and I can’t stop crying.” Doesn’t that just break your […]

Why Do Some Dogs Get Under Our Skin?

Of course we love all our dogs. But with some dogs, things are different. Our relationship is special. Let’s fact it. Some dogs just get under our skin more. Why?

You Never Forget the Hard Dogs

Honey is an easy dog. You may need to remind me of that when she’s barking to go outside because she’s tired of waiting for her walk. Or when she refuses to go down the steps to pee unless I go with her, barefoot and in my bathrobe in sub freezing temperatures. I know how […]

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