If Dogs Wrote Real Estate Blogs

I keep a notebook. In it I write every idea I have for future blog posts. I have two blogs. For some reason, I have more ideas for the dog blog than for the real estate blog. My dog Honey gives me lots of ideas for Something Wagging. I need her help for Hands on Home […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – The Blogger’s Friend

Every morning I get up at five o’clock to write my morning’s blog post for Hands on Home Buyer (and Something Wagging if I’m really fast). And every morning, Honey picks up her nearest toy, and follows me to the office–where she promptly falls back to sleep.

“Dangerous Dog Breeds” and Home Owner’s Insurance Redux

Several months ago, I published two posts on insurance companies refusing to cover people with dogs on their “dangerous breed” lists. You can find them here and here. I was very proud of them and I think I included great tips for people trying to get coverage. But, I don’t have a massive readership (though […]

Why Do We Blog?

We probably don’t blog because our dogs want us to. I know Honey would much prefer I stand out in the yard and toss a ball over and over until she decides she’d rather play tug. Or chase. Or have a snack. A few different bloggers have raised interesting issues lately about balancing the needs […]

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