What If You Can’t Stop Crying After Your Dog Dies?

This post has affiliate links. Learn more here or at the bottom of this page. Every morning I check which search phrases brought people to Something Wagging. Some are hilarious. But one that comes up a lot makes me feel helpless. It’s “my dog died and I can’t stop crying.” Doesn’t that just break your […]

The One Way All Dog Lovers Are The Same

Some folks like little smushy faced dogs. Others like tall elegant dogs with needle noses. There are dog lovers who take their pups everywhere. And dog lovers who just stay home. And let’s not even think about the different ways people feed their dogs. But there’s one way every dog lover is the same. And […]

11 Steps to Grieving My Dog

If you love a dog, someday you will lose a dog. Everyone grieves differently. But I’ve noticed a pattern in my own grief. And watching friends on Facebook, I suspect I’m not the only one who grieves the way I do.   10 Stages of Grieving a Dog   Luckily, I’ve never lost a young […]

Learning About Compassion

I’ve been sitting in front of this screen for an hour. I have no funny dog puns or Christmas carol parodies. No inspirational words about learning from our dogs. Everything I could write feels trite. All I can think of are 28 children and adults who will never return home. But I will share the […]

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