Does A Good Dog Make A Bad Blog?

Honey is such a good girl. Does that make her a bad subject for a blog?

A Dog Who CAN’T Be Bad

I wonder if I have a problem in the making. It’s a problem I never thought I’d have. My dog can’t be bad. Now how did that happen?

Why Do So Many People Torture Golden Retrievers On YouTube?

I can’t stand it any more. Every time I try to find a cute golden retriever to watch on YouTube, I’m hit in the face with torture videos. Okay, there’s no blood. Or broken bones. But I can’t watch them nonetheless.

The Curse of Having a “Good” Dog

Since Honey was a puppy, we’ve done regular training in busy, outdoor settings. Dozens of people have stopped to compliment me on what a good dog she is. But having a “good” dog carries a curse. Breedism Rears Its Ugly Head Honey and I were practicing calm behavior near children at the local playground. If […]

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