Why Do So Many People Torture Golden Retrievers On YouTube?

I can’t stand it any more. Every time I try to find a cute golden retriever to watch on YouTube, I’m hit in the face with torture videos. Okay, there’s no blood. Or broken bones. But I can’t watch them nonetheless.

The Sound Of His Bark

I’m glad Honey doesn’t bark much. When people come to the door, she’s silent. When a neighborhood cat visits us on the porch, nothing. Even the Jack Russell and his beagle brother who bark at everyone who walks by their house don’t get a rise out of her. But one sound gets Honey barking every time. When she […]

Labs are American; Goldens are Canadian

Great family dog. Intelligent. Trainable. Friendly. Am I talking about the Labrador retriever or golden retriever? Who could tell? Many people think of labs and goldens as interchangeable. I did. But then I figured out the subtle differences: labs are American; goldens are Canadian. Americans and Canadians Abroad In the 1980s, Americans were advised that […]

5 Reasons to Teach Your Dog To Swim (and 4 Not To)

Ever since Honey was a puppy, I hoped she would swim. But she just wasn’t interested. Finally, this weekend, she paddled a short distance and I was overjoyed. Why is it so important that my dog know how to swim? 1. I want company. I love to swim. My husband sinks like a rock. Is […]

Taste Doesn’t Matter – Good for the Dog; Good for You

Unless you’re talking about kibble, taste is the least important thing ever. So why did I ever make such a big deal about it? Honey Has Good Taste in Dogs It probably wouldn’t surprise you that Honey is attracted to Golden Retrievers. If she spots one in a crowd or on the street, she wants […]

The Curse of the Perfect Dog

I know of three Golden Retrievers who live much of their lives in backyards within one block of my house. Why? They’re victims of the Perfect Dog Curse. It’s About the Dog, Not the Breed We all know that some breeds (notably pit bulls and pit mixes) pay a terrible price because people expect bad […]

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