The Tale of the Extrovert Puppy

My friend’s Facebook posts about comforting her dog who was recovering from surgery took me back to Honey’s operation as a puppy. But I was no comfort to my dog. Darn extrovert puppy.

Happy 4th Blogiversary!

Is it an important event? Then chances are I missed it. I forget my anniversary. I plan to teach classes on my husband’s birthday. And I have to check my file cabinet to know when Honey came home with us. I’ve done it again. Something Wagging This Way Comes published its first post on March […]

Has Your Dog Ever Had a Justin Bieber Meltdown?

Adolescence Brings Out The Worst Although I hate celebrity gossip, I can’t avoid news about the latest Miley Cyprus scandal or Justin Bieber meltdown. It gets me thinking about the dumb things I did around the same age. Like the time I raced my friend eight miles to a bowling alley. He drove a Pontiac Firebird […]

Honey’s 11 Favorite Dog Toys (That Aren’t Dog Toys)

I’m cheap. Yeah, I know that “frugal” or “thrifty” are trendier words. But I’m cheap. So you can imagine how much it pains me to buy expensive dog toys just to have them all chewed up in a matter of minutes. And the crazy thing is that the cheaply made toys cost as much as […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Snow Angels

Tail Tales – How You Can Read Your Dog’s Emotions in the Direction They Wag

A tail held high is a sign of arousal and a fast, short wag could mean trouble. But did you know that the direction of your dog’s wag can tell you how he’s feeling? A study completed in Turin, Italy in 2007 demonstrated that dogs feeling comfortable wag more to the right than to the […]

Everyday Agility

I’d love to try agility with Honey. I’ve taken her to a couple of competitions where she’s enjoyed watching the dogs go through their paces. Unfortunately the  closest agility classes are ten miles away and I don’t see well enough to drive in the dark. Next best thing? Find agility obstacles around the neighborhood and […]

Smart Nose vs. Dumb Nose – A Tale of Two Doggies

Shadow was reportedly a hound mix. And that seemed to be borne out by her behavior. On walks, Shadow would travel with her nose to the ground until she caught a new scent. Then she’d pull like crazy until she caught up to it. When Shadow was absorbed in a scent, she could focus on […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – The Halloween Edition

The Puppiness Project – What Is It?

With shorter days, colder temps and gray skies I find my ambitions sapped. I sometimes wonder if I should curl up in bed, eat fattening food and watch bad movies until warmer weather arrives (which in my hometown is only about 6 days in June through mid-August). But if I don’t want to lose months […]

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