Sailing with Dogs – a photo essay

Honey won’t swim. But so far she has ridden in kayaks, been on ferries, cruised on river boats and now, she has sailed. How did she like it? Let’s check the photographic evidence. Honey the Sailing Dog We saw a little bit of this: And we saw a little bit of this: And the next […]

Philly vs North Conway as Best City for Pet Travelers

It’s March Madness and I’ve stopped taking my anti-psychotic meds. Time to decide the Best City for Pet Travelers. Let the Trash Talking Begin I’m promoting Philadelphia as the Best City for Pet Travelers in the Go Pet Friendly brackets. And amazingly, I’m currently down in the voting against North Conway, New Hampshire (where?). And […]

Are Blog Stats Like the Skinny Model on Your Fridge? Pet Blogger Challenge III

Everyone who makes money telling people how to blog (and even a few who don’t) says you need to track your stats. See what posts attract the most readers. Then write more of those. Voila! Success! But how do you know the people giving you the advice aren’t sabotaging your success to ensure their own? […]

Are You a Dog Magnet?

Honey goes crazy for most people who visit so that meant nothing. Not until out on the street did we see the true strength of our friend’s super power. One after another, dogs stopped in their tracks to say hello to her. An old woman had to wait for her equally old dog to greet […]

The Puppiness Project – You’ll Get There When You Get There

Gretchen Rubin wrote in The Happiness Project about the year she spent “test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happy.” The Puppiness Project is my attempt to learn the same from Honey, my Golden Retriever. Hurry Up and Work Your Butt Off So You […]

Wet Dog Smell in Aromaround

I told my friend Glenda that I was pushing Cape May, New Jersey as the best city for pet travelers and was locked in a hot battle with Seattle, Washington for the title. Glenda’s no fool. She asked, “Doesn’t it rain all the time there? Who wants to visit a city that smells like wet […]

Burlington, Vermont Might Be Pet-Friendly (but it’s just a replicant)

The gloves are off. This is the last round of voting in the Best Cities for Pet Travelers brackets before the final four. No more holding back. I’m coming out against Burlington, Vermont with the kinda talk that is usually only seen in a recycling center. Here’s why you need to vote for Cape May, […]

What Makes a Great Pet-Friendly Destination?

We’ve had a lot of fun learning about the best cities for pet travelers this week. But what really makes a place pet-friendly? Is it  just having a nice dog park or a shop that sells yummy dog treats? Or are there other things you should consider when taking your dog on vacation with you? […]

No Risk. No Reward.

  Yesterday I mused on our different fears about our dogs. And how each of us fears some types of risk more than others. But life is risky. And a life worth living is even more risky. Physical challenges, traveling, and even falling in love all entail risk. I’m trying to figure out what’s acceptable […]

The Year of Living Dangerously – What’s the Real Risk?

Overprotective Dad March is poison prevention month. I’ve read some terrific posts this month sharing tips for how to keep your pets safe. You’ll find them here: My Brown Newfies Life with Dogs Bunny’s Blog But I’m keeping my husband far away from them. He’s paranoid about poisoning Honey. Whenever I give her some apple, […]

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