Why Do Some Dogs Get Under Our Skin?

Honey the golden retriever is a beauty.

Of course we love all our dogs. But with some dogs, things are different. Our relationship is special. Let’s fact it. Some dogs just get under our skin more. Why?

It’s That Time Again

Zoe the Australian Cattle dog foster puppy wags her tail at Honey the golden retriever.

I’m late. No, not that kind of late. We won’t be hearing the pitter patter of a little dog blogger typing around the house. Nope, I’m late getting ready for the Third Annual Pet Blogger Gift Exchange. (Read about how the first Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange began). But better late than never, eh?

How Far Would You Go To Know If Your Dog Loves You?

Golden retriever in car.

How far would you go to find out if your dog loved you? Would you cross the country and back again? Would you consult a therapist? A pet communicator? Because Benoit Denizet-Lewis did those things and more wondering if his Labrador retriever, Casey, loved him. Oh, and while he was at it, he explored the […]

All Dogs are Bad Dogs Sometimes (but they can still save your furniture)

Honey wonders about the Bad Dog coasters from Uncommon Goods.

I’ve told you I’m a bad housekeeper. But there’s one area of my life in which I’m a female Felix Unger. If someone tries to put a glass down on a side table, my piano, or the cherry dining room set, I’ll dive over furniture and push old ladies to the ground to get a […]

Sailing with a Dog? Pet Travel Tuesday

Sailing with dogs collage.

I love reading an armchair adventure. And A Sea Dog’s Tale: The True Story of a Small Dog on a Big Ocean

Something Swagging This Way Comes – part 3

Honey the Golden Retriever admires BlogPaws swag.

Looking for a good home: a bundle of BlogPaws swag. Is it yours? Take a Survey, Win A Prize I’m happy to give away my bag of treats, toys, and heavy-duty cleaning products. But I’m going to make you work for it. I’m attaching two surveys (making it into one large survey would have cost […]

Caption the Picture, Win a Prize – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the Golden Retriever takes a bath.

What is Honey thinking? Frosty Paws Giveaway I have two Frosty Paws gift packs to give away. Win coupons for two free packages of Frosty Paws treats for your dog and a Frosty Paws mascot for yourself. Just come up with one of the two best captions as decided by our impartial and very sexy […]

Long Lived and Well Loved Dogs – Reviewing Pukka’s Promise

Mountains in Wyoming Pukka sees.

I didn’t take notes. I forgot to email the publisher for photos to use. In other words, I enjoyed Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs so much that I just wanted to read it. I forgot all about being a good reviewer. What made a book about dog health so interesting? Longer-Lived Dogs Ted […]

The Most Fun Way to Tire Your Dog

Honey the Golden Retriever lies in the snow.

The snow hasn’t started yet. But the doomsayers of local weather tell us it’s coming. If you live in the Northeast or New England, does this mean your dog will get less exercise this weekend? Does a walk seem like too much trouble when it involves hip waders to get through the snow? It doesn’t […]

Bonding With Your Dog on the Appalachian Trail: Pet Travel Thursday

Things You Find on the Appalachian Trail book cover

What’s the best way to bond with your newly adopted dog? How about a nice long hike? Getting to Know Your New Dog Kevin Runolfson wanted a dog to walk. He adopted Rufus, a year-old, chocolate lab/Shar Pei mix at the Humane Society. Four months later they began hiking the Appalachian Trail together from Georgia […]

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