The Happy Side of Fostering – Blog the Change for Animals

Blog the Change for Animals meets real life. Because as I write this, I’m getting ready to say goodbye to our latest foster dog, Ginny. And I’m happy. In truth, there are lots of happy moments in fostering. But when I tell someone I foster dogs, their reply is, “Oh I could never do that. […]

The Way They Go

Once every hundred mornings or so, Pam will sleep in a bit, and will thereafter sit down to her blog a little later than usual. The dog(s), however, who get up each day at the same time, eat each day at the same time, and get walked each day at the same time, will, on […]

Keep Calm – Good for the Dog; Good for You

I can learn a lot from my golden retriever Honey about dealing with nuisances. Honey lies down to chew her bone. Ginny, our foster beagle, grabs the bone out of Honey’s mouth. Once Ginny tires of the bone, she walks on Honey’s face. No reaction. So Ginny grabs the end of Honey’s tail and pulls. […]

Repeat After Me. She’s. Not. My. Dog.

As this post is published, I’m taking our foster dog Ginny to the SPCA for her follow-up vet appointment. It’s likely she won’t be coming back to us. And although I’ve written on this very blog that fostering is more about the love than it is about the loss, I can’t stop crying. I’m less […]

What Makes a Dog Easy to Foster?

Despite my freaking out initial misgivings about her medical needs, Ginny has been an easy foster dog. I could see people lining up to adopt her. She’s cute petite easy to walk not a big barker house trained plays well with other dogs cuddly Oh, and did I mention she’s cute? What makes some dogs easy to […]

The Dog-Friendly Christmas Makeover

Although I’ve lived in Ithaca 12 years now, I still miss my favorite Christmas traditions from Philadelphia. In my mind, there’s nothing like Christmas in a big city. And a small town that empties out at the end of December just can’t compete. Luckily, I have Honey. And together, we’ve made our own Dog-Friendly Christmas […]

Doghacker – Tips for Spending More Time With Your Dog

I love Lifehacker, a website featuring tips and downloads to help us be productive. But really, who wants to get more work done? Don’t we all just want to spend more time with our dogs? It’s time for Doghacker. Doghacker – Tips and Tricks to Spend More Time With Your Dog I have just the […]

Too Dog-Tired to Blog

By the time a foster dog comes to my house, she’s been shuffled around a few times. It’s no wonder she has trouble falling asleep at night. Unfortunately, if the foster dog ain’t sleeping, nobody’s sleeping. Perfect Dog Except for One Little Thing Most foster dogs cry the first night or two. We put their […]

Fostering Dogs Makes You Grow

I keep a list in the back of a notebook: the benefits of fostering dogs. I have a new one to add. Fostering dogs makes you grow. Whether you want to or not. Freaked Out Foster Mom I have a “thing.” I’m not good around sick people. Or injured people. Or even doctors. (I’ve managed […]

My Husband’s In Love With Another Girl – Wordless Wednesday

My husband’s in love with someone else. And it’s not the blond bitch he already snuggles in bed. This one’s a brunette.     Do you think I’ve lost him for good?   

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