14 Reasons to Walk Your Dog Today

In the spring, I see dogs and their people everywhere I go. It’s like puppy rush hour on the D.C. Beltway. But now that it’s cold and grey? Not so much. There are dogs in my neighborhood I haven’t seen in months. Why is it that so many people don’t walk the dog in winter? […]

10 Things I’d Never Do If I Didn’t Have a Dog

Because of my dog, I do the craziest things. This is the short list. If I Didn’t Have a Dog, I’d Never… Keep stinky treats in the bathroom Let’s face it. I don’t need to give my husband bits of dehydrated chicken to convince him to take a bath or clip his toenails. At least […]

10 Reasons Puppies are Better than Prozac

To many, the December holidays bring great joy. But others feel lonely or left out. What’s the solution? Prozac? Or puppies? Why Puppies Are Better Than Prozac No one has ever turned down their heat at night because their Prozac bottle is warming their bed. Studies have shown that exercise is more effective than drugs […]

10 Things Every Dog Person is Most Thankful For

  A dog person is thankful because:   1. there’s no chance of food crumbs collecting in the carpet between vacuumings   2. they always have a steady supply of dog hair for that quirky, homemade gift idea on Pinterest   3. having to squeeze your body into all kinds of crazy shapes to find […]

The Migratory Patterns of the Fuzzy Bellied Honey

Shhhhh. Be very quiet. We have a rare opportunity to study the nightly migration of the Fuzzy Bellied Honey from the corner of the bed to the middle. Yes, I know she looks cute curled into a ball near that pillow. But beware. The drive to migrate to the center of the bed is a […]

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