What Are My Favorite Dog Blogs? #3

As I rebuild my list of favorite dog blogs, I reflect on which ones make me think, influence my actions, or teach me something new. But some blogs, while they may do those three things, also make me laugh. Where do I go for a giggle? Hop over to my Favorite Dog Blogs page to […]

Dog Gardening Services

People are more important than things (I include animals with people in this statement). This is my mantra. I repeat it over and over as I look over my wrecked garden. The garden that was once a vision of loveliness to my neighbors and me. The garden that recently became a playground to Honey and […]

3 Bad Things that Happen Around Dogs (That Only Get Worse)

I can’t imagine life without dogs. But sometimes they’re responsible for some truly horrible things. And then things only get worse.     Like when: You realize your dog is eating stuff off the counter. ↓ So you move food to the top of the fridge. ↓ And come home to find a torn up […]

If Dogs Aren’t Allowed… Then Why…?

Honey wants to know: If dogs aren’t allowed in the park by the lake, then why do they have goose poop hors d’oeuvres all over the shore? If dogs aren’t allowed in public restrooms, then why do they put that convenient leash hook on the back of the stall door? If dogs aren’t allowed in […]

Mutt Romney vs. Bark Obama

Nothing makes me feel better about not having a television than the presidential elections. Attack ads for both sides insult the intelligence of informed, thinking people of any political persuasion. The arguments are so ridiculous, they could almost have been written by dogs. Now that would be crazy. Or would it? The crazy thing? It’s […]

Dogs Go For Ice Cream – Wordless Wednesday

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