The Best Soccer Players Have Four Legs and a Tail

Americans complain that soccer is boring. But two playful pups have a suggestion: break up the non-action with a romp on the field. It works for me: American football has been drastically improved by Puppy Bowl. We’ve now seen the excitement puppies add to soccer. I’m waiting to see a kitty rugby scrum next. What’s […]

Tricky Dogs Dress Up for Halloween Treats

Trick or Treat? Or Trick and Treat? Sure, we all know Golden Retrievers are smart. But we don’t usually think of them as tricky, do we? Clever Parker Pup and his friend Daisy have a foolproof way to trick their way into lots of Halloween treats. Take a look: Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing this […]

Dog Loves Fish, In a Good Way

This reminded me of Honey greeting some of the neighborhood cats. And it’s making me reconsider what I thought I knew about fish. Does your dog have any interspecies friendships?

Shark Week The Way I’d Like To See It

Animal Planet is a big, fat tease. Whenever I go somewhere that has television, I look forward to catching It’s Me Or The Dog or Dogs 101. But do I ever see them? No! Because it’s always Shark Week. Or else they’re airing 20 Creepy Crawlies You Wouldn’t Invite To Dinner, over and over again. […]

Look What Came In Through the Cat Door – Friday Funnies

I’ve read all kinds of stories lately about strange critters that find their way into houses through unsecure cat doors. But I didn’t read anything that equalled what happened to my neighbor in Philadelphia. Officer, I Found Something Stuck in My Cat Door I lived in Philadelphia just as crack made its way into the […]

Save Time Walking the Dog – Don’t Try This At Home

In five short days I’m heading to Salt Lake City for BlogPaws 2012. This year, I’m a speaker covering the topic I most wanted to see on their agenda: Making Time to Blog. As you can imagine, I’ve been generating ideas all year on how to make the most of the time we have each day. […]

Another Funny Dog Video from Smack the Pony

Funny dog video coming up soon. But first an announcement. Last week I promised to post some information about setting up K9 nose work games in your home based on the class Honey and I were taking. Unfortunately, snow postponed our last class so I’ll be posting something after the next class. Keep watching. Maybe […]

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