Friends With Dogs

When I adopted my dog Honey, this extrovert had a fantasy. A fantasy of making lots of new friends with dogs. I have made lots of friends with dogs. Unfortunately, most of them live scattered around the country and even the world.

12 Reasons Dogs Make the Best Friends

Dogs shouldn’t replace people in our lives. We have plenty of love for both. But when I think of the behavior of some of my human “friends” over the years, it’s very tempting. 12 Reasons Your Dog is a Better Best Friend than Your (Human) Best Friend     Human friends? You better watch out. […]

Not Everyone is Your Friend

Honey and I have something in common. We like nearly everyone we meet. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it feels when one of us discovers we don’t like someone? I Just Hate Her The first time she called me, she spent half an hour on the phone crying about her landlord. Usually I’m quite patient […]

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