Can You Help Animals By Helping People? #BTC4A

If you could improve the lives of animals in five minutes, would you do it? How about the life of a person? Today’s your lucky day. Because you can do both.

Should YOU Foster A Dog?

When we move aboard a sail boat, I’ll be giving up some things—hot showers, always-on internet, refrigeration. But what I think I’ll miss most are the occasional visits from foster dogs. Maybe I’ll feel better if I can convince someone else to take my place in fostering.

Just Let It Go (Reprise) – A Post-Foster Fantasy

I didn’t know, really, what had been so different about this one. Certainly, we had had other foster puppies. Their time with us would come to an end, and they would move on. And after missing them for a day or so, we would, too. But this one. . .

12 Things I Learned While Fostering Dogs

When I meet someone and introduce my latest foster dog, they usually say one of two things: I could never foster a dog. It would be too hard to give him up. Or they say, I’d love to do that some day myself. But what I’d love to hear is, that sounds great. How can […]

Countdown To Puppy Time

Our local shelter is receiving a litter of puppies. And they need foster homes to keep them healthy until their vaccinations take hold. Guess who will be hosting a foster puppy for the next two weeks? When a puppy comes to visit, we get ready by: bringing the extra crate down from the attic setting up […]

When A Foster Dog Visits…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When a foster dog visits, things change. If the foster is a puppy, we reorganize the house—put dirty laundry behind closed doors, block off the stairs, and set up an exercise pen and crate. But even when the foster dog is a polite, adult dog who just needs a calm […]

The Happy Side of Fostering – Blog the Change for Animals

Blog the Change for Animals meets real life. Because as I write this, I’m getting ready to say goodbye to our latest foster dog, Ginny. And I’m happy. In truth, there are lots of happy moments in fostering. But when I tell someone I foster dogs, their reply is, “Oh I could never do that. […]

Repeat After Me. She’s. Not. My. Dog.

As this post is published, I’m taking our foster dog Ginny to the SPCA for her follow-up vet appointment. It’s likely she won’t be coming back to us. And although I’ve written on this very blog that fostering is more about the love than it is about the loss, I can’t stop crying. I’m less […]

Fostering Dogs Makes You Grow

I keep a list in the back of a notebook: the benefits of fostering dogs. I have a new one to add. Fostering dogs makes you grow. Whether you want to or not. Freaked Out Foster Mom I have a “thing.” I’m not good around sick people. Or injured people. Or even doctors. (I’ve managed […]

When a Foster Dog Comes to Stay

What’s involved in getting ready for a foster dog to stay in your home? Here’s my short list. When I get a call that a foster dog will be staying with me, I may have a few hours or up to one day to get ready. How do I get ready?     Making the […]

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