Should YOU Foster A Dog?

When we move aboard a sail boat, I’ll be giving up some things—hot showers, always-on internet, refrigeration. But what I think I’ll miss most are the occasional visits from foster dogs. Maybe I’ll feel better if I can convince someone else to take my place in fostering.

12 Things I Learned While Fostering Dogs

When I meet someone and introduce my latest foster dog, they usually say one of two things: I could never foster a dog. It would be too hard to give him up. Or they say, I’d love to do that some day myself. But what I’d love to hear is, that sounds great. How can […]

The Puppy Is Coming – Switching Gears

It’s happening. And I’ve got to get ready. The puppy is coming. Returning our latest foster dog, Blanche, to the SPCA and picking up a new puppy will be like turning that pleasant float downstream into a ride through raging rapids. Everything in the house looks different when you see it through the eyes of […]

The Beagle And The Beauty Queen – Tuesdays Tails

“Can I pet your dog?” “I love your dog. What’s her name?” “Ooh, she’s so beautiful. May I take a picture?” These are a few comments strangers make to us when we’re with Honey. It’s nice that people find her appealing. And Honey usually loves the attention. But it also worries me a little. Here’s why. Choosing A Dog […]

Helping A Dog Go From Fat To Fit

I’ve never had a fat dog. In fact, my friends from Slim Doggy had to point out to me that Honey was actually getting too skinny. But our new foster dog is a corpulent canine, a dense dog, a bulging beagle. Blanche is enormous. Beagles should weigh less than 30 pounds. Blanche weighs about 46 pounds, […]

When A Foster Dog Visits…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When a foster dog visits, things change. If the foster is a puppy, we reorganize the house—put dirty laundry behind closed doors, block off the stairs, and set up an exercise pen and crate. But even when the foster dog is a polite, adult dog who just needs a calm […]

Dog World Problem – Preferring the Foster

You’ve heard of first world problems. But your true suffering comes from Dog World Problems.   Just a few words for new S’Waggers who don’t know the bike cart saga: We wanted Honey to learn how to ride in our bike cart so she could go more places with us. She hated the thing. We spent months working […]

The Happy Side of Fostering – Blog the Change for Animals

Blog the Change for Animals meets real life. Because as I write this, I’m getting ready to say goodbye to our latest foster dog, Ginny. And I’m happy. In truth, there are lots of happy moments in fostering. But when I tell someone I foster dogs, their reply is, “Oh I could never do that. […]

The Way They Go

Once every hundred mornings or so, Pam will sleep in a bit, and will thereafter sit down to her blog a little later than usual. The dog(s), however, who get up each day at the same time, eat each day at the same time, and get walked each day at the same time, will, on […]

Keep Calm – Good for the Dog; Good for You

I can learn a lot from my golden retriever Honey about dealing with nuisances. Honey lies down to chew her bone. Ginny, our foster beagle, grabs the bone out of Honey’s mouth. Once Ginny tires of the bone, she walks on Honey’s face. No reaction. So Ginny grabs the end of Honey’s tail and pulls. […]

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