My Dog the Personal Trainer

With bitter cold and a busy schedule, I’ve gained a few pounds. But it’s not my dog Honey’s fault. She’s an excellent personal trainer.

Agility – Why Should Dogs Have All the Fun?

As K9 Kamp Komes to a Klose (I am not going to miss all the K’s; there is a reason they’re worth 5 points in Scrabble) I find myself wondering what fitness really means. If you read through the posts of my fellow kampers, and even my own, you’ll find a heavy emphasis on aerobic […]

Go Off-Road When Walking Your Dog

Dog walkers are so boring. Day after day I see them walking around the block with their dogs, never leaving the sidewalk, never having fun. I’d like them to know what they’re missing. Walking the Dog the Fun Way Since I don’t have a car (and don’t really feel like pulling my 50 pound dog […]

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