Balanced Dog – Mental vs Physical Activity

Honey sure slept well. You’d think that after napping in the car during the seven hour drive to BlogPaws she’d be bouncing off the walls all night. Luckily she got a mix of mental and physical exercise to tire her out. Mental Exercise for Dogs So what’s tiring out Honey’s brain at BlogPaws? Seeing new […]

9 Rules for Running With Your Dog

Have you watched children lately? They run for fun. They run without thinking. How about your dog? Does he run zoomies in the yard for sheer joy? But we’re human adults. We need rules. Here are mine. Rules for Running With Your Dog 1. You don’t have to RUN with your dog to run with […]

Go Off-Road When Walking Your Dog

Dog walkers are so boring. Day after day I see them walking around the block with their dogs, never leaving the sidewalk, never having fun. I’d like them to know what they’re missing. Walking the Dog the Fun Way Since I don’t have a car (and don’t really feel like pulling my 50 pound dog […]

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